Magnesium Carbonate

Magnesium Carbonate

Magnesium Carbonate, MgCO3 is white inorganic salt that can be found as the mineral magnesite, from which, the compound is mined from. (See: magnesite, caustic & calcined and magnesite, deadburn & sinter)
Magnesium carbonate has several industrial functions such as the creation of refractory bricks, synthesizing of MgO (magnesium oxide) via calcification, and serving as a filler for many different industrial applications.

Additional Notes:
* Magnesium carbonate is insoluble in water, acetone, ammonium, but will react to acid and releases CO2 and water.
* Calcined, this compound forms MgO, magnesium oxide, and CO2.
* Mixed with hydrogen peroxide, magnesium carbonate will form a paste that can be used to whiten skulls. (taxidermy)

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Ceramics-refractory, Chemical, Plastics