Complex Oxides

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Molybdates Niobates Tantalates Titanates Vanadates Tungstates Zirconates

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A Word About Complex Oxides

Complex Oxides are a group of materials that exhibit diverse chemical and physical properties involved in such subjects as: nano/themo-electrics, photo/electro-chemistry, ferro-magnetism/electricity, and quantum magnetism. They are currently used in magnets, capacitors, actuators, transducers, solid oxide fuel cells, and have recently attracted quite bit of attention as investigation into complex oxides have revealed a bright outlook in regards to their potential utility in new technologies.

Further study into complex oxides and the manipulation of the afore mentioned properties are predicted to be both enlightening in the field of fundamental science and valuable to research & developmental sciences. The knowledge derived from these macro-/micro-/nano-scopic expeditions may provide the world with new developments in battery materials, energy conversion & storage technologies, catalysts, magnets, high-temperature superconductors, as well as arm scientists with new data that may act as a basis for even more extensive research and a greater understanding of how our world works.