Lanthanum Fluoride

Lanthanum Fluoride

Lanthanum fluoride is a white powdered inorganic compound composed of fluoride and the rare earth lanthanum. It is insoluble in water, hydrochloric, nitric, sulfuric acids, but can be dissolved in perchloric acid.

Glass (Optical)
In the field of optical glass, lanthanum fluoride has some interesting applications. It is used in the preparation for modern medical image display scintillator technology, nuclear science requirements, rare earth crystal laser materials, rare earth fluoride glass, optical fiber and infrared glass.

In the metallurgical industry lanthanum fluoride is used in the manufacturing of special alloys and the electrolytic production of metal lanthanum.

Additional Notes:
*Lanthanum fluoride can be combined in very small amount to europium to make a special chemical analysis electrode capable of detecting fluoride ions in a solution.

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13709-38-1Lanthanum FluorideLaF3%FRE-04-XQuote;
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