Aluminum Hydroxide (Dried)

Aluminum Hydroxide (Dried)

Aluminum Hydroxide (Dried), Al(OH)3, is a white crystalline powder that has been dried, but not calcined into alumina. It is a valuable intermediate material that is used to produce other aluminum compounds such as Aluminum Fluoride.

Aluminum hydroxide as a fire retardant:
Aluminum Hydroxide, Al(OH)3, also known as ATH, is a popular fire retardant for several reasons: it is economical, inorganic, non-halogenated, and can also function as a smoke suppressant. It works to release water vapor when it absorbs heat (an endothermic reaction), and this dilutes surrounding the flammable oxygen gas. Additionally, the resulting char and aluminum oxide layer helps to add further resistance to fire.
ATH fire retardants are added to a variety of different products, but most notably plastics that undergo low temperature processing.

Additional Notes:
* At temperatures between 180-200°C (356-392°F) aluminum hydroxide decomposes into aluminum oxide and water vapor.
* The mineral gibbsite has 3 polymorphs: Bayerite, Doylerite, and Nordstrandite.

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CASProductChemPurityProduct CodeQuote
21645-51-2Aluminium HydroxideAl(OH)3%MOX-01-XQuote;
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Flame Retardant/ Smoke Suppressing Additive