Niobium Pentoxide

Niobium Pentoxide

Niobium Pentoxide is a colorless inorganic compound compound with the formula: Nb2O5. Its main applications include the creation of alloys, optical glass, capacitors, and it is the primary precursor to all other niobium compounds.

Niobium Penoxide is a valuable material to optical glass manufacturers as it can provide important properties such as strength and resilience to the glass which allows produces to produce thinner, lighter, and less material-consuming products.

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Product Details

CASProductChemPurityProduct CodeQuote
1313-96-8Niobium PentoxideNb2O599.5~99.8%MOX-15-2N5Quote;
1313-96-8Niobium PentoxideNb2O599.9%MOX-15-3NQuote;
1313-96-8Niobium PentoxideNb2O599.99%MOX-15-4NQuote;
1313-96-8Niobium PentoxideNb2O599.999%MOX-15-5NQuote;
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Ceramic, Glass-optical