Ethyl Lactate

Ethyl Lactate

Ethyl Lactate, C5H10O3, also known as (DL-)lactic acid ethyl ester, is an ester formed of lactic acid and ethanol. Ethyl lactate is soluble in acetone, ethanol, water, and other solvents. It typically has chemical applications, and is often used as a solvent. Some chemical applications include the production of biodegradable solvents and fragrances.

Additional Notes:
* As a liquid, it is clear with a peculiar, but generally pleasant, smell.
* Considered biodegradable and low in toxicity.
* Ethyl lactate can be derived from fermented corn startch.

Product Details

CASProductChemPurityProduct CodeQuote
97-64-3Ethyl LactateC5H10O3%LAC-02-XQuote;
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Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical