Potassium Sulfate

Potassium Sulfate

Potassium Sulfate is an inorganic salt with the formula: K2SO4. It occurs naturally as the rare mineral arcanite and finds use as a fertilizer, in glass manufacturing, and as a chemical precursor to other potassium compounds.

Aside from being a source of both potassium and sulfur, potassium sulfate is a choice fertilizer ingredient for soils with either a chlorine accumulation problems or for plants that do not agree with chlorine ions.

Additional Notes:
* MgSO4 *H2O combined with KCl(aq) can produce potassium sulfate, K2SO4

Product Details

CASProductChemPurityProduct CodeQuote
7778-80-5Potassium SulfateK2SO4%SLF-06-XQuote;
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Agriculture, Chemical, Glass