Stannic Fluoride

Stannic Fluoride, Tin(iv) Fluoride

Stannic Fluoride or tin(iv) fluoride, is an inorganic tin fluoride compound, and generally a white solid. It is hygroscopic and has a melting point of 700 C or higher, well above the melting points of other tin(iv) halides.

As a glass material, stannic fluoride may be used in optical glass, light-emitting materials, and phosphors.

Additional Notes:
* Stannic fluoride combines with ammonia, other bases, alkali, and other fluorides to form stannifluorides of the type M’2SnF6. – get more info at link

Product Details

CASProductChemPurityProduct CodeQuote
134654Stannic FluorideSnF4%FLR-10-XQuote;
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