Glucono-delta-lactone (GDL)

Glucono-delta-lactone (GDL), C6H10O6, is the lactone of D-gluconic acid generally white crystalline powder. It is water soluble and hydrolyzes to form gluconic acid. GDL is commonly used as a multi-purpose food additive to lower pH, enhance flavors, as a pickling agent, leavening agent, and as a preservative food products. In personal care products it may be used as a moisturizing agent, chelating agent, and pH adjusting agent.

Additional Notes:
* Glucono-delta-lactone is a naturally occurring food acid which can be found in many natural foods (such as fruits) and fermented products.

Product Details

CASProductChemPurityProduct CodeQuote
90-80-2Glucono-delta-lactone (GDL)C6H10O6%LAC-03-XQuote;
Chemistry TDS SDS
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Chemical, Food Additive, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Plastic