Strontium Fluoride

Strontium Fluoride

Strontium Fluoride is a brittle white material that when compared to other optical materials, has intermediate optical properties and is not as popular. In spite of this, strontium fluoride has chemical characteristics that the other fluorides do not, and is thus finds usage in sensitive precision sciences, chemical, pharmaceutical and engineering projects that require materials with very specific properties. For example, strontium fluoride exhibits super-ionic conductivity at higher temperatures which makes it useful for carrying strontium-90 radioisotopes in radioisotope thermoelectric generators.

Due to its non-water solubility, strontium fluoride is useful in oxygen-sensitive metal production.

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CASProductChemPurityProduct CodeQuote
7783-48-4Strontium FluorideSrF2%FLR-11-XQuote;
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Chemical, Glass-Optical, Pharmaceutical, Metallurgical