Holmium Oxide

Holmium Oxide

Holmium Oxide, Ho2O3 is a chemical compound composed of the rare earth Holmium and oxygen. Light yellow powder; water insoluble, soluble in acid.

Ho2O3 has wide band gap of 5.3eV and its color appears different depending on lighting conditions. Glass containing holmium oxide and holmium oxide solutions have sharp optical absorption peaks in the spectral range 200-900 nm, and are used as a calibration standard for some optical spectrophotometers.

Additional Notes:
* Holmium oxide and dysprosium oxide are famous for their ability to create powerful magnets and optical glass.


Purities Appearance Application
Up to 6N (99.9999%) Light Yellow Powder Halide Lamps;
Crystal dopant;
Optical fiber;

Product Details

CASProductChemPurityProduct CodeQuote
12055-62-8Holmium OxideHo2O3%REO-06-XQuote;
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