Strontium Carbonate

Strontium Carbonate

Strontium Carbonate, SrCO3 is a white/grey carbonate salt powder that is, like most carbonates, fairly nonreactive and soluble in acid but not in water.

It can be prepared either by means of using celestite (celestine), or by chemical means using strontium salts.

Strontium carbonate is used for several purposes in ceramics, glass, electronics, and fireworks (pyrotechnics). It is useful in the creation of other strontium compounds, which can be easily made by dissolving the strontium carbonate in the corresponding acid. For example, strontium chloride can be made by dissolving strontium carbonate in hydrochloric acid.

Strontium carbonate can be used to create matte glazes and acts as a flux. It reacts and alters the colors of other metal oxides in glazes.

Additional Notes:
* Strontium carbonate can be found as the mineral stontainite.
* Emits a red flame when burned.

* Strontium carbonate only has one stable form therefore the temperature of precipitation does not effect the crystal form

Product Details

CASProductChemPurityProduct CodeQuote
1633-05-2Strontium CarbonateSrCO3%CRB-06-XQuote;
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Ceramics, Chemical, Electronics, Glass